Mirrabooka Primary School
and Intensive English Centre

An Independent Public School

Intensive English Centre (IEC)

The Intensive English Centre (IEC) opened within the school in Term 3 2005. It provides intensive English instruction for new arrivals to Australia. The Intensive English Centre is an integral part of Mirrabooka Primary School and has built its enrolment to the point where it now accommodates approximately 80 students from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East.  Many students have had limited or no prior schooling before arriving in Australia.


The role of the IEC is to provide the children with a functional level of English and prepare them to transition into a mainstream classroom and become successful English speaking students.  The Intensive English Centre provides critically important opportunities for students to develop appropriate social skills and “learn how to learn.”  The IEC teachers use the Progress Maps as the basis for their teaching and learning programs.


Students typically remain in the Intensive English Centre from 12 to 24 months, before moving on to their local school. Many of the children attending the Intensive English Centre live some distance from the school. The school makes arrangements for eligible students to travel by bus to and from school each day at no cost to families.


The Intensive English Centre does not stand alone as a separate school. Classrooms are situated amongst mainstream classes and are a part of the school. Students participate in whole-school activities, including assemblies, in-school activities, swimming, excursions and incursions.


The Intensive English Centre staff structure includes a Deputy Principal, School Officer, School Psychologist, Student Support Officer and a team of suitably qualified Teachers and Educational Assistants who speak a variety of different languages in order to support the children and their families. The IEC works closely with new families and other agencies to support families as they transition into a new school and culture.


Please contact the school office on 9440 7777 or email Mirrabooka.ps@education.wa.edu.au to discuss your child’s enrolment in the IEC or to tour the school.

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