Mirrabooka Primary School
and Intensive English Centre

An Independent Public School

School Programs


A balanced academic program of skill development is provided from the Department of Education’s eight curriculum areas.  


Our School Priorities are aligned to the key objectives in the Plan for Public Schools:


  • To make every student a successful student
  • To have sound teaching in every classroom
  • To ensure every public school is a good school
  • To provide practical support for our teachers and support staff
  • To deliver meaningful accountability
  • To build public confidence in our schools.

The following information is available in our handbook which is available for downloading.



Children are encouraged to make full use of the school’s library facilities. Library books can be very expensive so all children are required to have a library book bag in order to protect them. It is intended that children should develop an interest in, and a love of, books. Additionally, library skills are taught so children become confident in using community libraries.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

A Department of Education priority is for all children to gain experience using modern technology. An extensive range of technology including computers, laptops, iPads and supportive software, has been purchased to cater for student learning programs. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and are well-supplied with modern computer equipment. ICT is integrated across all curriculum areas from Kindergarten to Year 7.


Health Program

The Happy Kids Program is an innovative mental health initiative to foster development of hobbies and interests. The main aim of the program is to provide activities that allow children to reach full their potential and in doing so prepare them for high school.  The children who are enrolled in the program develop stronger relationships with their families and the community in which they live.


All children in Years 4-7 are involved in Friday afternoon activities which include dance, craft and various sports. Children engage in camps and are encouraged develop their leadership skills. The most significant event of the year is the Health Expo which is a full day of fun-filled activities with positive messages delivered throughout.


Primary Extension And Challenge (PEAC)

Primary Extension and Challenge Courses are offered to talented students from Years 5 to 7 classes. Transport to centres where these extension courses are offered is a parent responsibility. A Junior Extension for Talented Students (JETS) program is offered to talented students from Years 1 to 4.


Students at Educational Risk (SAER)

A specialist teacher identifies students at educational risk and then implements programs in collaboration with the classroom teacher and accesses outside agencies to support the child in the learning process.


English as a Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D)

Due to the multicultural nature of Mirrabooka PS we have a specialist teacher and education assistants to support the EAL/D students and their families in the school environment and to provide in-class support.


Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

Indonesian language is taught to all children from Years 3 to 7 as an introduction to other languages and cultures. 


Public Speaking Program

The public speaking program aims to improve all students’ speaking and listening skills, as well as increasing their confidence when addressing an audience.  The program culminates in a whole-school competition where the students are given a forum at assembly to display and further develop these skills


Health and Physical Education Program

Personal fitness is encouraged.  Full student participation is expected in a variety of games skills, dance, athletics and swimming.  Ten in-term lessons are provided each year by swimming specialist teachers.  All students should attend lessons so they become proficient swimmers by the end of Year seven. Faction and interschool carnivals enable students to develop and practise their social and physical skills.


Music and Drama

Mirrabooka Primary School has specialist teachers in Music and Drama. Children from Pre-Primary to Year 7 receive regularly timetabled Music and Drama lessons.   These programs enable the students to perform with confidence, poise and obvious enjoyment.


Getting It Right Numeracy and Literacy

We have a specialist teacher in Numeracy and Literacy who along with the classroom teacher, identifies children who experience difficulty in these areas and devises programs to support them.


Excursions and Camps

Excursions and camps are organised to enhance the class learning programs. Fundraising by the students may be required. Student participation in excursions that run during school hours is highly recommended.



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